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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching Sessions

  • What are Coaching Sessions?

    Coaching Sessions are video calls during which students and coaches interact in real time (using Google Meet). This is a fun and convenient 21st century way to learn and connect with a like-minded community, from a familiar (often home-based) computer setting. Coaching brings life, community and efficiency to STEM learning.

  • Why learn online, with Coaching Sessions?

    Access to curated online material provides students with learning flexibility with respect to time and location: students can learn while waiting for other things. Coaching Sessions bring life and community to the experience: students are engaged with a community of passionate learners. Coaching Sessions also provide access to the experience of a Coding Coach.

  • How long are Coaching Sessions?

    The recommended duration of a coaching session is either one hour or two consecutive hours. Students available for only one hour may attend a Coaching Session for one hour. Students are typically granted 8 hours of Coaching Sessions with one year access to course material.

  • Does my child have the discipline to learn online?

    Our Coaching Session are interactive and engaging. To prepare for these sessions, students typically need to spend 30 minutes to one hour, in order to review videos and practice material presented in videos. Some students need to be reminded to watch and practice for one hour in the week preceding a Coaching Session.

  • What is the recommended home schedule?

    To prepare for each Coaching Session, we recommend that students take one hour to both review online videos and practice the material presented in videos.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you provide rebates for first-time students?

    Absolutely, if you are interested, please contact us at

  • What robots or drones do students need to have?

    For robot courses, students need to have access to Makeblock's Codey Rocky. For drone courses, students need to have access to DJI's Tello drone. Both cost about 100$ on

  • What happens if a student misses one class?

    If a student misses a coaching session, they can simply reschedule for the next available coaching session, at no additional fee.

  • What coding language do you use?

    For introductory level (i.e. 1xx) courses, we teach Python. For intermediate level courses, we use C. For advanced level courses, we use assembly.

  • What age range do you target?

    We target two age ranges for introductory level courses: 8 to 14, and 18-20. Intermediate and advanced courses are best suited for 12-to-17 and 18-to-22 year-old students.

  • How long do students have access to the course material?

    Access to course material is granted for one year, starting for the date of purchase.

  • What do students build in the course?

    Courses currently focus on programming robots and drones. Student therefore develop or build software. Students need to have access (e.g. purchase) to the robot or drone required for the course they register in. We select accessible and powerful robots and drones for courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Service Offerings

  • Do you offer school workshops?

    Yes: we offer school workshops (2x1.25h) in Ottawa, ON, Canada area. Other location may be considered with sufficient planning. Please contact us at

  • Do you offer drone camps?

    We do offer drone camps. If interested, please contact us at

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